Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The objective of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is to create business graduate with the knowledge of modern   business, information systems and technology so that they can compete with the challenges of 21st century. The program is designed with the courses of business, arts, sciences and technology. 

Description of the program:  The BBA program is consisted of 42 taught courses and one practical course of 127 credits of 4 years duration divided into 12 academic semesters.  Again the taught courses are divided in to – free course, general education courses, allied courses, comprehensive courses, core courses, and elective courses. The calendar year is divided into three academic semesters of 4 months each. The academic semesters are- i. Spring Semester (January- April) ii. Summer Semester (May- August) and iii. Fall Semester (September- December).   Students can take admission in thrice in a year at any semester. 

In the tenth and eleventh semester students should take any area of concentration among the following five: 

  1. Accounting and Information Systems,
  2. Finance & Banking,
  3. Management,
  4. Marketing, and
  5. Human Resource Management.

After completion of the taught courses the students have to go for at least three months internship program in any recognized organization to gather practical knowledge.

Syllabus of Business Administration (BBA)








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