Master of Public Health (MPH)

The social, economic and cultural dimensions of health and population are a major focus of both governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Bangladesh and in other developing countries. It is now increasingly being recognized that there is a need for professionals who are well trained in the multi-faceted complex interactions of social, economic and cultural factors affecting health and population, such as plateauing fertility rates, inadequate health services coverage, the ongoing epidemiological transition from infectious to chronic diseases, and emerging public health issues such as HIV-AIDS and Arsenic contamination of water supplies. There is however a critical shortage of such professionals in these countries. This increased demand for such personnel comes at a time where funding for this kind of education abroad (United States, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Asia) is extremely limited and will continue to be so in the future. Thus there exists a window of opportunity for in-country training of high quality at the master’s level in Public Health, which focuses on social-economic and cultural dimensions of health and population. 

North East University Bangladesh is pleased to offer the following post-graduate program leading to the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) for the first time in greater Sylhet region.

Among the overall educational objectives for all graduates of the School is the development of individual competence and improved skills, particularly in (1) recognizing and defining public health problems, setting priorities, and using scientific approaches to problem solving; (2) accumulating appropriate data information, analyzing and interpreting findings, and assessing relevance and validity; and (3) communicating effectively with colleagues and a variety of groups involved in delivering health services.


  • to provide the highest level of education to public health scientists, practitioners, and leaders
  • to foster new discoveries leading to improved health for the people of this country and all nations
  • to strengthen health capacities and services for communities
  • to inform policy debate, disseminate health information, and increase awareness of public health as a public good and fundamental right. 

The master of public health (MPH) degree is the most widely recognized professional

credential for leadership in public health. The program emphasizes active, student-directed learning, problem solving, and the acquisition of skills essential to the practice of public health. For many candidates, the MPH will not be their first professional degree. Many students enter the MPH degree program with previous master’s or doctoral degrees or with varying years of practical experience in professional fields related to public health. Graduates of medical, nursing, dental, and other clinical programs, and applicants who have earned master’s or doctoral degrees in other health-related areas, or in other academic or professional areas, will find their academic backgrounds well suited to this program.

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