Master of Social Work (MSW)

The Master of Social Work (MSW) program at North East University Bangladesh aims to establish center of excellence for lifelong learning in social work and human services. Providing high quality education, training and advocacy, the program is committed to achieving social and economic justice in the society. Graduates of MSW program shall engage in advanced-level social work practice. They will be able to understand the impacts of culture, oppression, and human diversity in a multi-cultural society. Graduates will be able to apply social work ethical principles to guide their professional practice. They will contribute in advancing social and economic well-being and deliver effective social work services through policy practice in Bangladesh. Applying knowledge of human behavior and the social environment the graduate will be able to work with individuals, groups, families, organizations, and communities for minimizing multiple problems. The MSW program will produce leaders and competent organizational citizens for development agencies who, because they understand the historical and contemporary contexts of social work, can develop innovative, humane, consumer-oriented policies and systems, can advocate for marginalized populations, and can build bridges between public entities, private concerns, and various development oriented disciplines to improve the well-being and productivity of people, particularly the most neglected members of society.
MSW is a 44 credit program. Thesis students will have to take 2 additional credits. Students having BA/BSS degree in any discipline except Sociology or Applied Sociology are required to complete foundation courses before entering into regular program. Students having undergraduate degree in Social Work/Social Welfare or having BSS degree in Applied Sociology with Social Work major from any recognized university are eligible to get admission in MSW program directly and they will not require taking foundation courses. Students having BA/BSS degree in any discipline can also get admission in MSW program and they are required to complete foundation courses before entering into regular program. In this case another 12 credits shall be added with 44credits.

A student can get a maximum of 3 course waiver worth of 9 credits by the department if similar courses were completed from any recognized university. In this case contents and standards of those courses shall be examined by the department.

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