B.S.S. (Honors) in Applied Sociology and Social Work

As Bangladesh economy and society is experiencing multiple challenges and due to rapid urbanization, people’s life is getting complex and informal supports and services are getting scarce. We also do have environmental affects both in our personal and national level. Still majority of our population survive with economic, social and cultural problems. Thus, there is a strong need to take appropriate interventions with the support of skilled social service professionals, who can address multiple human needs through research, implement development activities skillfully, can develop policy and programs for the overall development of our nation. For doing so, social service professionals need intellectual learning and practical training. Most of our social science education programs are theoretical and poorly connected with contemporary needs of the society. To fill this gap, North East University Bangladesh has introduced the Department of Applied Sociology and Social Work. The curriculum on Applied Sociology and Social Work is sharply focused to meet the needs of a changing society. Applied Sociology and Social Work transform multiple theories on human issues into practices. It is the practical arena of socio-psych-cultural practice oriented scholarship. Mission of the Department of Applied Sociology and Social Work is both professional and academic. By grounding our teaching and learning with hands-on experience and rigorous scholarship, we prepare students for an effective and meaningful practice of social service & social work and we foster the attainment of social justice. The program is designed to provide a rigorous and critical understanding of sociological, psychological and development theories and translate those into human services and practice from a broad inter-disciplinary perspective. On satisfactory completion of the program, students will be able to practice development approaches and social work skills with different actors in the context of globalization, economic transformation, and social, cultural and political changes.

The undergraduate program in the department of Applied Sociology and Social Work will require 12 regular semesters. Students will have opportunity to choose their major concentration at their tenth and eleventh semesters. Twelfth semester shall create opportunity to work with development agencies as interns which will generate both social and organization skills. Students intend to complete BSS degree with Applied Sociology or Social Work as major, have to complete 134 credits.



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