Executive MBA Program

The Executive MBA program under the School of Business of Northeast University of Bangladesh (NEUB) aims to increase the managerial competency of the students for the   decision making levels for the industry, business, government and non government organizations so that they can contribute efficiently in the economic development of the country and over the world.  This program will help the students in acquiring the decision making skills, communication skills, writing skills and will make capable to build interpersonal relationship for the success of the organization. The program is designed with the combination of multidisciplinary itinerary and practical knowledge. 

Program Description: The Executive MBA Program is of 52 credits consisting 16 taught courses and one practical course of 20 months duration.  The taught courses are divided into foundation level courses, core courses and concentration (major) courses. Students are required to take courses in a predetermined sequence offered throughout the year.  The calendar year is divided into three academic semesters of 4 months each. The academic semester’s are- i. Spring Semester (January- April) ii. Summer Semester (May- August) and iii. Fall Semester (September- December).   Students can take admission in thrice in a year at any semester. For admi8ssion into this program students should have at least two years job experience as executive in a recognized organization. Before going to project work students should select any one area of concentration from the following six areas: 

  1. Accounting and Information Systems
  2. Finance;
  3. Management;
  4. Marketing;
  5. Banking and Insurance; and
  6. Human Resource Management. 

Note: Candidates with undergraduate degree in business may be waived a maximum of 12 credits from the foundation level courses only as per the course waiver policy of the university.

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